Robot Wars: Android Off-line Mapping Face-Off

I’ve got a few trips coming up to places where either: a) I don’t want to use data because it will be expensive (i.e. America), or b) I won’t be able to use data because I will have no reception (i.e. Skye). However, in both cases I would like to be able to use my HTC Desire’s GPS chip and mapping features so that I can find my way around. Continue reading

Design by Committee

A while back I upgraded to an HTC Touch (well, technically a T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus) because I wanted to try out a ‘Smart Phone’ and T-Mobile was willing to let me have it for £15 and helped me to adjust my account so that I get ‘unlimited’ (known is the real world as 1GB) data access for the same price as my existing plan. Plus, the iPhone is only available from O2 here in the UK. Continue reading

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