Plotting & iGraph on Lion and Mountain Lion

Note: this was previously posted at, but I am in the process of (re)organising my technical notes and tutorials.

After giving up on Gephi (again, I really should learn), I decided it was time to get to grips with Python and iGraph since I really need to produce multiple iterations of a graph. The matmos at CASA have, of course, been touting Python for ages, but I’ve just not had the time/incentive to install and, more importantly, actually get around to using it… until now. Continue reading

Extracting files from Moodle MBZ Archives with Python

These days it seems that just about every university is using Moodle, the “open-source community-based tools for learning”, to manage the delivery of course material and handling of deadlines, assignments, etc. Now I’m a fan of the OS community, but Moodle has… quirks. Continue reading

Academic Presentations: the Anti-TED Talk

After a few months back on the conference speaking/attendance circuit, I’ve had something of a refresher course in the joys of academic meetings and decided it was time to write up the range of feelings — from irritation to rage — that have been stirred up as a result. I’m not going to name names in this piece, because in nearly every case the absence of value at the conference had little or nothing to do with the organisers and everything to do with the speakers and the audience. Continue reading

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